I have been so busy this year! I’ve moved down to my mother’s (eight hours’ drive away from Auckland) and been working full-time as a waitress in a gorgeous little cafe/restaurant on the waterfront called Vista. It is a nice place to work because there are lots of regulars, and I like to keep myself […]


There are a lot of people in the Finding Your Passion business, but do they just want our money, or is there real merit in their work? I think it would be a very pessimistic view to think that the pursuit of passion is purely commercial, but I do think that the opportunity for money […]


Autumn reminds me of being at my grandparents’ farm in the southwest of France as a little girl. There would be a cluster of buckets on the kitchen bench filled with the last of the fruits my mamie had managed to rustle up from the surrounding orchards. Summer had travelled on, away from the cornfields, […]


Mindfulness guru Eckhart Tolle taught us to live in the moment. For a long time, I struggled to figure out what this illusive and ubiquitous phrase actually means. I entertained the idea that ‘the moment’ was some spiritual dimension I needed to tap into. But it’s actually so much simpler than that. I’ve realised that […]


In keeping with the untailored theme of this blog, I’ve decided to collect all my strewn thoughts regarding Julia Child (a personal idol of mine) and French food. I didn’t intend for it to be an essay, but that’s what seems to have appeared on the page, so I’m just going to go with it. […]

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I’m excited to be sharing my inspiration for this week! While most people in New Zealand are preparing for summer, I’m getting ready for a crisp white Christmas this year with family in France. Despite being on the cusp of cicada and sunscreen season, my Pinterest searches have gravitated towards the likes of ‘trench coat’ […]


These chillier mornings herald a new morning fix. Not only did this warm me up, but the health benefits of this delicious drink are going to make it a trusty go-to for me this winter. Ingredients: ❄ Mug of boiling water ❄ 1/2 thumb of ginger (about a tbsp) ❄ 1 strawberry ❄ 1 tbsp […]


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